Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tired of standard furniture? Try custom built from the Amish Peddler.

 Everyday we hear from customers what they can't find in the big furniture stores. "We can't find a special size table for our dining room", "They don't have the wood to match our current bedroom set" or "The style they had is now discontinued".

 At the Amish Peddler we can work with you to solve the furniture issues you have. We can build most pieces of furniture to your specifications. We can build a table that is 20 feet long. We can match your new dining room cabinets to your table and chairs. We have never have a style be discontinued so you can buy that extra night stand you didn't have room for 3 years ago.

  Jennifer and Eric of Hermitage came in wanting a specific size table and sideboard. They didn't want it to be painted black so they chose Brown Maple with the Onyx stain. From a distance it looks black but close up you can see the beautiful grain of the wood.

  We built them an 42" wide x 72" long extension table with four leaves which makes the table 10 feet long! The Mission sideboard was to fit the area they wanted so we were able to convert our standard 49" wide sideboard to 55" wide. The middle door was added instead of a wine rack. They were happy to get what they wanted and not "this is what available, take it or leave it".



  1. Nice blog and wonderful furniture this table looking is quite impressive Thanks For sharing the information and photos.

  2. Thank you for checking out my blog!


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