Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Road Trip Conclusion

Last week I went on a road trip to Eastern PA, Maryland and Virginia. It was a great time! The weather was beautiful and I enjoyed every minute of it.
My first stop was the little town of Middleburg, PA.  Terry and Cathy built a new pergola and selected outdoor furniture, two gliders and an end table, to go inside of it.

After I dropped off the gliders and table, I stopped for breakfast in Middleburg at Common Grounds Cafe and had the best breakfast bagel sandwich I've ever eaten!  I liked it so much that I stopped there again on the way back from Virginia the next morning.

Next stop: Baltimore, Maryland.  I delivered a six foot wide table with six highback chairs to Our Lady of Fatima Senior Housing Project. They had a new gazebo and wanted a large table that would seat six people comfortably. After bolting the table directly to the concrete we put the chairs around it and it was ready to go.

Installing the table.

Finished table and chairs.

  The next stop was Alexandria, Virginia to pick up Joel and Judy's table.  They wanted to convert their table to a bigger size.  The original table was 42" x 66" with four leaves.  We'll be adding four more leaves to the table and refinishing the top to look like new.  Pictures to come later.

My last stop was to see Chip in Ashburn, VA to deliver an entertainment center. He was very happy with it since the entertainment center was designed to fit the TV.  I think it turned out great!

 All in all, I enjoyed meeting everyone on this little road trip and I hope to do more soon!