Monday, April 4, 2011

We Do Custom Furniture

It is often difficult to buy a new piece of furniture that will either match existing furniture or be exactly what you are looking for. So what do you do? Do you bite the bullet and buy something that only closely matches the furniture in that room? Or do you buy an end table that isn't exactly what you are looking for to complete that newly revamped room? Why spend all that money and not get something you are completely satisfied with and are excited to show off when guests come over?

Buy something you know that is designed well, will look great and is something you love! Here at the Amish Peddler we will work along with you to design and build a piece of furniture exactly how you want it. We work with skilled Amish craftsmen who are up to the challenge and will diligently work to create a piece of furniture to match your current furniture or your design. We have completed tables as large as 20-feet long and our most recent custom design is the desk seen below for the Brown family.

For information about custom design furniture email us at:

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  1. Did you publish your beautifel work on pinterest too? This would help to get more people to your site i think!


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