Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show

We spent ten days at the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show and had a great time getting to meet everyone. This is the event we most look forward to each year because we enjoy getting to talk with fellow Western Pennsylvanians and share that time with you. As always, we enjoy visiting and patronizing the David L. Lawrence Convention Center and are treated with great care and respect.

Here I am talking to some customers about our outdoor products and the lifetime guarantee that comes with our products.

I had the opportunity to share with folks about our indoor furniture but also spend some time getting to know them. That was my favorite part about the H&G Show. I really enjoyed getting the opportunity to talk with those passing by and take some time to get to know them on a personal level.

Many of you at the show were also interested in more of our outdoor furniture that we did not have at the show such as: the pub style table, swivel bar stool and the single (non-swivel) glider. Below are some pictures of the outdoor furniture that we have here at the store.

If you want more information of our products please check out our website!

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